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Why Experience Shane Michael Taylor LIVE?




Can we walk through our fires? 

Life is filled with ups and downs, gifts and challenges, passions and despair.  Country music artist and author Shane Michael Taylor is living proof that challenges, despair, and life’s valleys can be conquered by utilizing our mind to its greatest potential.  Born with cerebral palsy and sentenced to life as a quadriplegic, Shane has overcome great obstacles on his journey: shattering roadblocks of rejection, toxic stereotypes, and self destructive thought patterns - walking through fires - to fulfill his ultimate dream of being a country artist. 

The Living This Rodeo speaking tour is opening students’ minds across the nation, empowering them to embrace their passion and believe in themselves; enabling them to unleash their potential and discover possibilities that await them in the real world. 

Specifically, using revealing life stories and intriguing student participation Shane will prove:

  • How embracing your passion and believing in yourself unconditionally will lead to achieving success and fulfillment regardless of challenges and roadblocks.

  • How to use rejection as a positive driving force to keep striving to achieve.

  • How to convert negative thoughts into positive and empowering affirmations.

  • How the floodgates of achievement, success, and fulfillment can burst open by just making a simple change.

  • Why identifying and differentiating between nourishing and toxic people is critical to achieving success.

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